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American Religious History (PhD students only) (HCH930G)Guest accessInformation
Research Methods (STM/PhD) (SGN803G)Information
Trinitarian Theology (HTH820G)Information
Ritual Care in Times of Transition or Crisis (Online) (ICA640G)Information
Spiritual and Leadership Formation 2 (SGN211)Guest accessInformation
Development of Christian Song (ILM302)Information
Living Out a Faith Subversive of Injustice (ICS311)Information
The Church in Society (ICS100)Information
Worship in the African American Tradition (ICA150B)Information
Introduction to Liturgy (ICA102)Information
Issues in Interreligious Dialogue (HTH363)Information
Introduction to Christian Ethics (HTH250)Information
Christology in a Pluralistic World (HTH208)Information
Minding Christ (HTH206)Information
Luther the Pastor (HCH321)Information
Lutherans in North America (HCH231)Information
The Lutheran Confessions (HCH201)Information
Religious History and Public Leadership (HCH110P)Guest accessInformation
The Book of Isaiah (BOT350)Information
Introduction to the Old Testament 2 (BOT101/111 Section 2)Information