June/summer term 2012

An examination of call, identity, collaboration, context, spiritual practices and change that mark the missional leader.  Topics to be considered include the biblical/theological base for mission; why we have issues with mission; change management/leading change; moving from ethnic specific to multi-ethnic, multicultural; stewardship as funding and as
faith practice; formation of a missional leadership identity; developers and redevelopers: differently-gifted; spiritual direction and spiritual practices for a missional leader; community organizing and team-building; and the church building as a missional resource. Includes an on-site visit to a local congregation. Free elective

An examination of the spiritual disciplines of selected major mystics and late-medieval spirituality with an eye to the early reformers in the western church through their writings. Special attention will be given to the influence of their social and cultural context. Other expressions of medieval piety will also be examined, along with the Reformation critique and inheritance of these traditions. Free elective.

The underlying premise of this class is that, although they are collections of individuals, congregations are best understood as organizations existing in a larger web of social forces that carry with them important implications for how pastors carry out ministry. We will consider cultural, ecological, resource and process-oriented frames for understanding congregations. Attention will also be paid to research methods and tools for understanding congregations. Free elective.

Has your preaching become stale? Do people listen to your sermons politely, while their hearts and lives seem untouched? Learn to sharpen the hearing of those whose ears have been dulled by many sermons. Participants will preach, rework, and re-preach a single sermon, while beginning to master specific strategies and tactics for reconnecting
with God’s people